• Hello, I'm new to 3 fat chicks!

    I'm a fitness and health fanatic, who's in the process of developing my online presence.

    I've posted some tips from my site...

    *Note, I am not flogging my site, I would actually love guidance on how to develop some sound advice!

    1. Eat often and eat for pleasure: Plan meals and snacks ahead of time. Never get to that gnawing point of no return, when you stomach begins to eat itself. Almonds, yogurt, eggs and fruit are your friend!

    2. Drink lots of water! It’s simple, but sometimes we forget how powerful good old H20 is for so many vital areas in our life. It keeps you full, hydrates the body and is also great for the skin.

    3. Sleep! Yes, I know, especially in this 21st century, were working longer and harder and have every stimulation known to man. Sometimes you just need to shut it all off and sleep, deprivation will alter the level of hormones that make you hungry. Sleep and be merry.

    4. Cut out the soda, all of it! We know regular soda is bad, but as an occasional diet soda drinker myself, I know the sweet bubbly burst of energy is addictive and enticing. Experts will tell us, that all soda, including diet is not good! The artificial sweeteners are known to in fact help you with subtle weight gain.

    5. Add some spice! I’m a spice nut, a chili head, whatever you want to call it….and believe it or not spicy food will keep you feeling fuller for longer and provide you with some pretty sweet endorphin’s. So pile on the peppers and chili heads unite!

    6 Soup it up! We love soup in our household, I’ll make huge batches at a time and freeze the leftovers, providing us with up to 7 or 8 separate meals. Soup is healthy, affordable, and fun to make (its all about building flavour.) It will leave you full and cozy, like a nice warm blanket in your stomach.

    7. Get rid of the junk! Yes chips are great, salt is wonderful, but has anyone ever gorged on a bag of chips and said to themselves as their wiping up the last crumb; ‘that was a great idea.’ It will be tough (and you may occasionally fall victim) but if you going to snack keep it healthy. Veggies and dip, yogurts, nuts, sugar free peanut/almond butter, apples, whole wheat crackers, the list goes on, make a game out of it, trying to find the best snack that’s also healthy.

    8. Eat your final meal before 7pm! No good choice are made after 7 (I should know, I used to be a serial later night eater, and I was about 30 pounds heavier.) It’s also a lot harder to digest if your eating than lying down, and difficulty sleeping could also become a factor.

    9. Take your lunch to work! This one is vital for two reasons, your body and your bank account. I used to buy lunch every day at work and yes, maybe one day out of the week it will be a healthy choice, but 9 times out of 10, your heading for the burgers/wraps/high sugar smoothies etc…Make meals on Sunday, freeze and enjoy. This will allow you to know what’s in the food and usually a home cooked meal is significantly better than the chafing dished slop they pile on in the lunch room. Not to mention you’ll probably save upwards of $40 a week.

    10. Don’t trust the ‘fat free,’ or ‘zero trans fat,’ options. They will stick you with an inordinate amount of sugar or sodium.
  • Are you here because you want weight loss support?
  • Quote: Are you here because you want weight loss support?
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  • And I agree with what they said. Why are you here?

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  • Thanks so much for your tips, I learned alot from them