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Default My (insert descriptive title) intro

Hi, I just started dieting and it's pretty new to me. I don't really know much about healthy food. I've been trying this so far -

First day was popcorn (no butter or other topping besides salt) probably the healthiest option at my workplace. We just have a little shop with cakes and stuff.

Tuna and fruit in the evening. Fruit was bananas and strawberries.

Second day - Popcorn again at lunch. Then I went to a restaurant and got a big 2 kilo grilled fish. Had some pomegranate juice on it as well, it was prepared that way. I ate half of it at the restaurant, sort of a second lunch. Had the rest for dinner and some fruit. Bananas and strawberries again.

Third day - walnuts for breakfast, other days I didn't eat breakfast. Then I found out walnuts were fattening, although healthy. So I tried to eat it sparingly.

For lunch I had chicken shish kebab, with no bread but some raw onions, green peppers and grilled tomatoes along with it. This was at a restaurant. When I say raw onions I mean, slices of a raw onion, I wasn't eating entire onions.

When I got home I was hungry again and had some rice cakes with strawberries and later some tuna fish with pomegranate juice. Sounds weird I know and wasn't a great taste but I really wanted something to up the taste.

I also had more walnuts with light feta cheese, which was probably not that healthy. I never thought walnuts and cheese would be a guilty pleasure. I also had some fruit, bananas and strawberries again.

Only drink I've had at all was some water and green tea and just one cup of coffee, no sugar, every morning.

I've had very little exercise except some very light jogging and brisk walking once a day.

My typical daily meals included a lot of beer and pizza so I'm hoping just taking those out and paying attention to what I eat will make a difference even if I'm not really hardcore about it. I'm very bad at cooking. I've bought some lentils and kidney beans for tomorrow.

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You will find this site a great resource for you as you continue to make changes in pursuit of your goal! My advice to you: start jumping in on threads, asking questions, poking around, etc. Get involved, don't lurk!

I wish you much success!
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Welcome! I think it would help you if you thought about foods not as "bad" or unhealthy, but more about what they offer in terms of nutrition. Walnuts are very good for you. Fish is good for you. No matter what you eat, it is going to be broken down into fuel to help you stay alive. It's just that some foods are better than others, in terms of what they offer. Find out what way of eating you are likely to follow forever, and go with it. There is a support group here for just about every way to lose weight, as there is not just one way to do it. Good luck!
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Popcorn really doesn't have any nutritional value, there are lots of information on this board about that. I am not a cook either, I like it easy so I eat healthy choice and lien cuisine a few times a week.
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Welcome and good luck in your journey.
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Well, there will certainly be a learning curve but 3FC has the resources. The best advice I can give when you're very first starting out is fill up on vegetables and drink tons of water. By doing this you'll be filling up on fibre from the veggies but since they're much lower in calories than your typical beer and pizza you will be cutting out a dramatic amount of necessary cals without even realizing (or counting the cals)!

And as the other poster said, i wouldn't focus on what is "bad" right now, just look at what you need in terms of nutrition. Start with introducing more vegetables into your diet and then work on your protein profile (i suspect you're already sufficient on that with your apparent love of fish).

Walnuts are pretty fatty but they still have their benefits - you could also try switching to almonds for a bit which seem to be a go-to protein source for lots of people and tend to keep you satiated for quite some time!

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