New to the site, not to weight loss

  • Hello! I'm a 24 year old nanny living in Oregon working on being healthy and losing weight. I have always been heavy even as a child so now being at a weight that I haven't been at since I was 16 is amazing. I started at 316 pounds and was losing weight through diet alone for several months, and I saw 50lbs slide right off using the Atkins plan. Then I needed to start getting active and as of today have lost a total of 81lbs. Its something I never thought I would accomplish and am so proud of my dedication. I think everyone who is heavy eventually has their "aha!" moment when they finally decide to take that first step and for me, I haven't looked back.

    I'm still doing the low carb plan, but I've stopped measuring ketosis. I try to be mindful of calories but honestly I don't keep a food journal or anything. I just jeep lots of healthy options around me, bring food to work so I'm not tempted, and I have been working on not eating late in the evening. That was a hard one because my work hours keep me out late and up early, so its eat a late dinner or no dinner. As far as exercise goes I try to do a short walk daily, and I alternate cardio training for a 5k with pilates/body weight exercises. I give myself breaks when I need them but get right back to it the next day.

    I'm due to have jaw surgery in June and had to get my bmi to 35 or less to be a candidate for the cheaper inpatient procedure and I am now only 12lbs from that goal. By the time I get there I will have lost 93 lbs. I know after surgery will be hard to get back into exercising because I will need to take it easy for a while but I plan on using my support system to help get me up on my feet as soon as I am able.

    I'm excited, and proud to be on this journey. I wanted to reach out for social reasons and hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
  • What s great job you are doing! Good luck in the rest of your journey.
  • Well done on your progress. good luck with the surgery and getting back on the wagon after that. Remember a healthy and sustainable weightloss program is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So maybe you could start weaning yourself off exercise gradually leading up to the operation so that you are more prepared for the no exercise situation afterwards.

    I have always found it difficult to adjust my diet when going from a lot of exercise to no exercise so that's why i'm offering this advice. It takes a while for your appetite to slow down because you have greater muscle mass. But if you take it down slowly, you can wind back what you are eating slowly at the same time. If you know what i mean. Bearing in mind that when you exercise you require more food.