A new beginning

  • Ok so this will be new for me but I believe that this group is definitely going to help me with my weight loss. I have struggled with weight my whole life, I was always the chubby one. In high school I was able to maintain a healthy weight but now I am 24 with a 2 year old and a 4 month old and loosing weigh with pcos has not been easy. I have so many questions and am so relieved that there are many other women out there that are going though the same thing that will be able to help me. I have tried so many different diets and work out that have not worked out for me. And yes I will be needing help lots of it.

  • Congrats for wanting to get in shape to chase after the little ones! I am starting my weight loss journey in hopes of having my own!
  • Welcome!
  • with your efforts!!
  • Hey Mamayezi! I'm also new here! and Just for the knowledge, I knew that I have pcos 4 years ago and I'm taking pregnancy control pills for them and of course losing my weight was a major problem in my life till now but I hope soon we can reach our goal!
    Good luck
  • Hi mam, welcome. I don't have pcos but i do understand that its difficult to lose weight when you have it.

    Are you able to identify or remember what causes the other diets you've been on to fail? I ask this because although PCOS seems to be especially tricky, so many people (in general) who try dieting fail because of mistakes they make due to lack of knowledge.

    Have you ever worked with a dietician? I would think its a good first step. Though a forum like this is also good for support and encouragement.
  • Welcome , I am new too! Best of luck on your journey