Hoping for change

  • Hello, I am Kim and I am a food-aholic. I am here for the same reasons that everyone else is here. I am not happy with my current fitness status, looking in the mirror makes me want to cry or rip out my eyes.

    A little about myself, I am 28, divorced but happily dating. I actually just moved in with my boyfriend who lives 448 miles from my family. I hardly know anyone in the area and hate venturing out on my own for fear of rejection.

    Since I have moved in with my boyfriend I have gained almost 10 lbs. I am not happy as it has only been a month of living with him. I hate that when I am happy, I start packing on the "relationship weight" as I call it.

    When I got divorced, through depression and determination I lost 80 lbs. Gaining back 10 of it has me heart broken. I almost feel defeated even though I know I can lose the weight, I have just kinda given up.

    I am thankful that my boyfriend is happy with my body, however still motivates me to workout. Not that I have been doing too much as a work out.

    I don't know what to say here really, it is late, I am tired and cannot sleep.
  • Hi Kim! I moved from TN to OH 31 years ago to be with my now husband so I understand the loneliness and isolation you're feeling. I'm so glad you found this forum! Until you can establish some local friends of your own in Columbus, come here when you feel like eating for comfort! The more involved you get here, the more motivated you'll be and accountable you'll stay, and everyone here is really nice, so you don't have to worry about be judged or rejected. Browse around and jump right in! Good luck!
  • Welcome girl!! I know what you mean about the happy relationship weight. Im in the same boat. After my divorce I got thinner as well, now Im in a happy, healthy relationship and the weight has packed back on, Hence me returning to the site. Im also across the country from my family. It's day by day and sometimes minute by minute. We can do it. There is a lot of great woman on here and support. PM me if you'd like to talk.
  • Hi, I can so relate, i always gain relationship weight, it's weird once I realize i have someone who accepts me I have less motivation to workout. But realize the motivation to workout comes from the want of bettering yourself for you and not for someone else. But, you so got this, you can lose the 10 pounds.
  • Welcome! At our house we called it "nesting". When I got married my husband and I both put on weight, and boy was it fun doing it, lol. Not so fun having that extra weight long-term, however.

    I hope you jump into the forums and find the support you're looking for. Lots of really great people and tons of advice and life experience here!
  • Welcome to the site and best of luck to you!