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Default Keep me on the straight -- hopefully the narrow will follow!

Hello beautiful chicks!

I'm a 25-yr old battling with my cumbersome body for oh, as far back as I can remember.

I had a good spell between the ages of 12-16, but then I also had severe mental health issues..

While my mental health is now in a good, generally happy place, my weight gain/loss is a repetitive pattern:

One day I feel a step slower, clothes tighter, I'm immediately gung-ho about getting my weight to behave at once. - A few weeks go by I see very little progress, I'm discouraged. I say 'eff it' and fall back to bad habits. Before I know it, in a matter of weeks(!!!) I end up heavier than I've ever been.

So here I am. 5'2 at 170lbs, the heaviest I've been. Losing lbs has NEVER come easy no matter what I do. I'm hoping the support here is what I need to keep me going.
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Welcome pink.

One thing you are going to read here repeatedly is that it's not really a diet, it's changing bad habits for good ones, things that can be done for life. A lot of people have trouble at first. What you were doing might not work for your body chemistry or lifestyle. Try something else if so. When you fail, get back up, dust off, the world hasn't ended, we are all human and start over. That is the key to lasting success.

Again welcome. I hope you find the support that you need here.

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Welcome, pink!

This site pretty much has something for everyone. Take a look around and you may find your own special niche! But don't let it seem too daunting. Starting out can be... no, IS hard. And so is sticking to it through what seems the disappointing times (as I have had to remind myself endlessly this last week). You have to embrace that you have a long road ahead of you, BUT, by setting your sights on your goal, never giving up on what you want to accomplish. You CAN do it. And if you have a bad day and you slip up, that's okay. Just jump back in there and keep on, keeping on (even if that means varying what you have been doing, and trying something new).

I am very sleepy right now, but unable to sleep, so I hope that this has been inspirational to you, and not just rambley.

Again, welcome!

Also: Cute kitty in your user pic there :3
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beautiful bright soul :)
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! You can do it and we'll be right here cheering you on! Good luck!!
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Hi pink! There are so many supportive people here who will help you through losing weight and becoming healthier. Browse around and jump right in! Be sure to check out the 20-Somethings sub-forum under Support Groups. You can do this! Good luck!
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Hi pink! Welcome.

This forum is great. Like everyone has said there is something for everyone. I agree with Jacqui check out the 20-Somethings sub-forum, you might also like the Chicks up for a Challenge. The challenge forum always has some type of motivating challenge with lots of chatting and support. There is a Halloween one right now that you could join, even though it has started already everyone is welcome
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Hey Girls I was cruising & saw your thread. We ALL need Help losing & maintaining our sizes. Can I hop on w U

My feelings r, Do whatever Pleases U & helps U feel Happy & Confident. And Don't let anybody else's remarks or stares affect your dignity; because ppl care, & 'we care @ 3FC about everyone', this place is like a giant-church-family. But remember IF we put 'Lots of junk' into our bodies, chances r our body health Will fail us & Nobody ever wants to go live in a 'assisted nursing care home' when we're young/@ +50 yrs. etc. from poor health/medication needs, wheel-chair bound, etc.

I eat whatever I want, but I switched to eating lower carbs/sugar/sodium & eating healthy fats, is the way I lost my 30 pounds in a year by measuring & 'eating 1 serving size portions' per meal & eating a healthy amount of proteins & veggies. So I wouldn't constantly b washing my measuring cups, until I became used to measuring by sight & spoon my portions; I bought a bag of 6 oz./8 oz. styrofoam cups to fill. Then it was easy to plate my plate/bowls. Remember to read the pasta box serving size or recipes serving, etc. How I gained 25 pounds in 1 year was because my hubby had cancer & chemotherapy & dh lost 30 pounds & his appetite to eat, but if I ate w him he would eat his fav's; pizza, ice-cream, cookies, French fries, etc. the great news is he gained 20 pounds that year; the bad news was I gained 25 pounds eating w him all the things my body was Not used to eating daily. Prior to his cancer, I ate his foods occasionally, but I always ate protein & veggies daily; not the sweets & fats that dh craved to regain his appetite & to gain weight to regain his strength. He eventually added proteins & veggies & I was able to eat normally & get back to my menu routine & I lost my 30 pounds of ugly fat that year.

Eating 1 serving size portions @ my meals, has let me stay healthy & eat sweets, pizza, cookies, etc. without gaining pounds or binge eat as long as I follow my 1 serving portion routine. I walk daily & I lift hand-weights for upper body strength & that burns cals/fats when I'm sitting.

What r your health tips?

Have a wonderful week! It's in the low 80's here w a few rain showers this week, then dropping to 70* on the weekend
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Thanks for the warm welcome all!

The first few weeks are always particularly difficult for me. Baby steps, baby steps.
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