Hi! New here, for 15-day challenge!

  • Hi everyone,

    Just joined this forum!

    I've been working on improving my eating habits for the past several months, to lose a bit of weight and also to just learn sustainable but healthy habits! So it's been very slow going, doing nothing drastic and not seen much change in my body, but still making some good changes.

    Now, I've decided to join in a 15-day challenge at my work to get in shape, so along with some others I'm going to try going a bit more "hardcore" just for the next couple weeks, and see what progress I can make! Just kind of a little jump start.

    I included the "before pictures" for comparison at the end! (Sorry for the super dorky face-concealing box, lol) Right now I don't do much exercise at all, so I'd really like to tone up and drop a bit of fat by incorporating at least a little daily exercise into my routine, and also by just replacing one meal a day, lunch, with a standard protein shake to help cut calories (without restricting what I want to eat for breakfast or dinner, just in sensible portions!).

    I joined because I hope that having access to a forum like this will help me stay motivated and get help when I need it. Nice to meet you all!

  • Welcome!
  • Thank you! Got one welcome at least, lol.
  • Welcome and good luck on your journey!!