New and Vegan!

  • Hello all,

    It's nice to meet you! My name is Jo and I'm 25 years old. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, from being fairly young. I've dieted, and yo-yoed and lost and gained and I'm weary of it.

    I've had so many times where I said "This time, for real! I mean it". Usually I'd make it about two weeks and then the sabotaging thoughts would come back. "It doesn't matter! Eat those cookies, who cares what you weigh!"

    The answer is that I care, and this time I'm going to try reaching out for support which I've never done before. I hope that maybe not trying to go it alone will lead to more success.

    I'm wondering if some folks can share how they utilized this website to help them in their journey. Is there a place to post my daily successes and struggles? Do people track their weight and their pictures?

    I'm also looking for other folks here who are vegan because that's obviously a big part of my relationship with food and something that will be a part of my weight loss journey.

    Thanks everyone for listening to me ramble! I've had a great day food wise and I'm heading to the gym tonight to have a great day exercise as well.

    Best of luck to everyone in their journeys!
  • hi veganasaurusrex!
    I'm new too! And doing a vegan challenge for the month of January. I'm undecided on whether or not I'm going to stick with it past January. I love the way I feel doing this, but it feels like there's so much that other people are eating that I can't have, you know? How long have you been a vegan for?
    anyways, welcome!
  • Welcome! Good luck on your journey!
  • Welcome and good luck on your journey!!!
  • I've been vegan for about four years. It's interesting becuase the "what I can't have" thing doesn't bother me as a vegan....but it kinda does when losing weight. I like the 21 day vegan challenge, I've done it before, though it's a lot more work than my life allows these days.

    The weird thing is it's still possible to be vegan and unhealthy. I always thought that once I was vegan the weight would just melt off but instead it's just as much of a challege, if not maybe more so!

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I really appreciate it and I really hope that by making this less of a solitary struggle it'll be easier...
  • Hi Jo!

    Check out the whole site, there is lots here. The Goal and Mini Goal are inspiring. The support section is where you can talk about your ups and downs. Many people give daily updates in the Challenges in "Chicks up for a Challenge." there are also daily accountability threads.

  • Wow vegan is a great path to be on!! Congrats!!

    Welcome wish you all the best with your weight
  • Hi Jo! Your story sounds so similar to mine, except I'm a year older and I've only recently gone vegan after being vegetarian for a long time. I've never reached out for support either - I've decided to change that this time though. Hopefully we can both find community support on here to break us through that two-week barrier.
  • Hi Jo! Welcome! I completely understand what you mean. Vegan doesn't equal healthy. It turns out a ton of sweet stuff can be made without animal products!

    I'm not so tortured by thoughts of "I can't have this," but I do get frustrated because it seems like when we try to eat healthy, we are always faced with starchy options. You can do this and not make starches the staple of your diet.

    Good luck!
  • welcome to the forum
  • Welcome to the forum! I wish you luck on your weight loss! Everyone here is so nice and supportive though. I am just beginning and I feel like I have people here who understand what i am going through. You are gonna love it
  • Hii, also vegan. This website helps because it gives you exercise ideas and lets you interact with likeminded people-plus you have someone to be accountable to. It's encouraging watching other people reach their goals.

    Good luck!