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Default Fat in the Land of Skinny People

I wasn't always fat. I remember a time when I was younger when I looked at a girl who wore a size 8 and called her chubby. When you're fit and don't have to think about it much, you take it for granted. That's what I did at least. I had cheered in HS and College, I was a figure skater and an accomplished performer. All that came crashing down around me at 21.

In my early 20's I suffered the final blow to a recurring ankle injury I had struggled with for years. It ended up with me on crutches for a better part of 2 years. During that time my physical activity level came almost to a stand still but I kept eating like a highly active "kid". What happens when you eat 3000+ calories a day and don't exercise? To use the "kind" words of my mother you PLUMP-UP. Boy did I ever!

I went from a tight little 106 (110 on my fat days) to 235 pounds in 2 years. It didn't stop there. I hit my max weight in the 280's over the next couple of years and hovered there till this past February when I got mad and decided I was going to stop blaming my genes, injury and hectic life.

I started with simple things. My first 2 weeks I limited myself to 1 soda a day. (No small sacrifice at the time) and lost 8 pounds in that 2 week period to bring me down to 277. It was there my journey began. By early August of this year I had gotten down to 221 but gained back up to 240 over the last few months because I slacked off and took my eye off the prize. Over the last 4 days I have pulled it back down to 232 but I know I need support.

I joined the forum because I need like minded people I can count on and I know they can count on me. I'm the token fat girl in my circle of almost all Asian girlfriends. They love me but their idea of being supportive is to give me a hug and tell me about the time they almost hit 140 and then decided their lives needed a major overhaul. I know they want me to lose weight but even still would never turn their back on me. They just don't understand it's not something that happens overnight and that fitting in a size 16 or 18 for the first time in many years felt really good.

Here is my promise to every forum member and I hope you will keep the same promise to me. I promise to cheer you on in all your efforts. I promise to be there with words of encouragement on bad days and words of congratulations on the days filled with WIN. I promise to answer questions honestly and share any secrets, help, knowledge or discoveries I find along the way.

So hello, I'm pleased to meet all of you. I'm Kit-Kat and I look forward to getting to know all of you.
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good luck
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Welcome! It looks to me like you've come quite a long way already. Congratulations for that! I'm kind of in the same place right now. I've lost over 60 pounds since January but right now I'm struggling more than a bit. Just so you know, you aren't alone.
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It's really easy to feel like you haven't gone very far when the people around (that you love) are trying to decide if it's better to buy a size and lose a pound or 2 by Christmas or a size 4 and have it taken in. I feel like I was more confident when I was heavier.

Then it was. "This is who I am and I like me" Now I feel like "Oh look, I can lose the weight why the **** did it take so long to start doing it?" It's nice not to be alone. Thank you.
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KitKat, i totally understand that feeling. It took me a really long time to accept my body and my fat. And I became happy. But now I realize that I NEED to lose weight for my health and I really wish I had realized that earlier.

Good luck to you! I look forward to cheering you on!
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You have a very positive attitude kit-Kay! Welcome and good luck on your journey!!!
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Welcome, Kit-Kat, and congrats on the weight loss so far! It's hard to stick to this kind of change long term; it's so easy to lose sight of the long term goal when that number is so high. I've been starting and stopping now for the past couple of years myself. I joined this site so that I could meet and speak with like minded girls going through the same thing. It's still hard, but this site has been instrumental in keeping me on track. Good luck! You've come to the right place for support!
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