Hello! I'm New Too :-)

  • Hello! My name is Cheryl, I'm new to this forum and am very excited to be here!
    I started IP on 10/12/12. I've had two WI's thus far and am very happy with the results (especially the inches I've lost thus far, 5 inches total!)! I've gone from 186.6 to 177.6. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here and am already very inspired by the results I'm seeing from all of you.

    All I can say is WOW! You gals are looking GOOD!
  • Welcome, Cheryl and congrats on your weight loss so far!!
  • Hi Cheryl
  • HiCheryl. Welcome to the community. I look forward to seeing you around.
  • I'm new too
    I am looking forward to this diet and finally being successful
  • Hi Cheryl, Im new too. Welcome. Maybe we can all help each other and congrats on your weight loss! I have 50 lbs to lose as of now. Im Lyric btw
  • Welcome beautiful