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Smile I'm one of those "i'll start again tomorrow" girls!

Hi all!

Hope you're all well and can give me some uplifting encouragement as I definitely need it!

Stuck in a rut at the mo - have put on a stone since my grandad died last year then put a further half a stone on from my holiday in Canada in June.

I keep giving myself goals and when I put my mind to it, I can really stick to it; however weigh in day each week I have always said I can treat myself to whatever I like. Problem is I go overboard and eat eat eat all day long which is where I put on everything I lost that week and a bit more. Grrrr!

I have no excuse to not doing exercise either as I have Zumba and Just Dance on the wii at home plus as I work in a hotel where I have free access to the gym there which I do actually use normally at the weekends (although I did used to use this a few times during the week after work also which I wish I could get back into but the dark nights don't give me that push and instead make me wanna go home to a hot dinner and bed).

Anyways my favourite time of year is coming (CHRISTMAS) and with my weight gain I no longer fit into ANY of my party dresses that I used to wear all the time! Sucks big time! So and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!
Karen xx
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Hi Karen! Welcome to 3FC! Are you following a specific plan?

It can be really tempting to overeat on weigh-in day. Different people probably have different solutions to that problem. Sticking to some sort of schedule on weigh-in days and not keeping foods that I consider "treats" around so I have to buy what I want at the store that day or go out for a meal helps me stay on track. Eating a reasonable but not unbearably restrictive diet the rest of the time helps me too.
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Hi Karen and welcome!!

I'm sure if you get past at least one day of healthy eating, non overeatting and exercise, I'm sure you will love the feeling of being more energized! Then maybe it will encourage you to continue doing so!! Read the forums, get motivation to keep going, and enjoy food moderately! Just have a bit, don't over indulge. Goodluck!
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Hi Karen ,

Welcome and good luck . I am a newbie myself. And I never fully commit to any program. I Understand about "restarting" because I seem to start over and over hourly . One thing I know to be true . Don't throw away the rest of the day if you slip up at some point .Get right back to whatever works for you ,count to 10 , breath and drink some water or green tea . Keep going .
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Hello and
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