Hello Again!

  • Hey everyone, this is my second time around being on this forum, same username etc etc. I lost my way with my weight loss goals, a lot personally had been going on and I pushed them all to the side. I had been very sick since the beginning of Sept as well and lost a bit of weight that way, not healthy I know but it made me remember. Remember that I even had these goals. So I turn to this forum again because it really truly does help out on the journey.

    I am not 100 percent feeling better, but I've taken to eating a lot healthier to work on it which has aided in weight loss. I have started a daily small workout and will be starting daily walks this morning. My workouts focus on strengthening my weakened muscles and weight loss. I am hoping these workouts and walks will help me physically feel better too.

    I have lost 27 lbs since the end of Aug/beginning of Sept. I am at 200 pounds even.
  • Glad your back, didn't meet you your first time around but welcome once again
  • Hello. Welcome back!