Newbie newbie newbie!

  • Hi, I'm a newbie!

    This is my very first post, hello all!

    I'm here to make some friends, get support with my weight loss goals, and have some fun. I'm not new to dieting at all but this time I am making a lifestyle change. I want to eat and be a healthy person!

    I hope to make some great buddies here and join in on some great conversations.

  • Welcome Dorrie! You've come to the right place to do all of those things.
  • Hi Dorrie!
    Happy to have you.
    I hope you have lots of fun and success with this site.
    Good Luck!!!
  • Hello from up north.
  • Welcome, Dorrie!! BTW, she really made that movie! She turned out to be the best part... Well, her and those seagulls
  • Another newbie here..HELLO
    I just started today and I am hoping to make some new friends also and I am hoping to get some support so I don't fall of the wagon.. I have a long way off before I reach my goal..It seems like you put the weight on in a matter of minutes but it takes forever to take it off. I hope we can chat soon.
  • Hi Dorrie!! Love the picture