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Default Theres not much I havent tried and Failed with :/...HELLO

My name is Seanie and I have tried countless times to drop pounds. I have done crash diest, week long diets, and pretty much everything else. I did HCG about 4 times and went from 286 to 235 in less than a year, and now im back to 258.

I don't know what to do now so here I am, and im considering Large Volume Liposuction at this point. Has anyone else had this procedure?
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I know someone who had lipo but she lost all of her weight first then they "shaped" her with the lipo... Truly, weight loss and maintenance is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE that means forever. What type of plan do you feel you could follow forever. Calories counting you can pretty much eat what you want as long asI your intake of calories is right. Carb counting is another that you count carbs. Making small sustainable changes work best.
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I spent over 30 years on the diet rollercoaster, from my first diet in kindergarten (doctor supervised), and in a real sense "dieted" my way to nearly 400 lbs (because every diet triggered worse food obsession and slowly eroded my metabolism).

The calorie level it now takes to lose a pound or two a month, is a calorie level that I used to lose 5 to 8 lbs per week on.

At any rate, I'm finally succeeding, and there are a lot of small reasons, but they all boiled down to making "not gaining" my first and foremost responsibility, and making small changes (so small that it really seems like I'm not doing any "work" at all to lose the weight).

The only promise I've made and kept has been to weigh daily, and make "not gaining" far more important to me than losing - that way when I don't lose, I don't feel like I've failed - and I don't become tempted to think "since I'm failing anyway, I might as well at least get to eat whatever I want.... until I decide to start fresh some point in the future."

I'm not saying this to disuade you from liposuction (or weight loss surgery, or any other choice you may make), I'm just saying that no matter how you plan on losing the weight, you have to have a plan in place to keep it off, or you're only going to end up back where you started or with more weight than you started with).

Weight loss really is the easy part, keeping it off is what takes the most persistance and commitment. Making maintenance a priority from the very first pound can put you ahead of the game (make keeping it off the first and foremost priority).

I read the book Refuse to Regain, by Barbara Berkely (great book by the way) really inspired me to work on "maintenance" even during my weight loss. After all when you lose even one pound, you can start practicing maintenance, and make sure you don't regain that one pound.

I weigh daily and I force myself to celebrate the weight loss I've maintained no matter what the scale says (if it's the same as yesterday, I get to celebrate maintaining 105 lbs. if I'm up a pound, I get to celebrate maintaining 104 lb loss.... and while I'm maintaining I might as well try to lose "just one more" pound - and when I get that pound off, I mentally add it to the pile of pounds I've lost that I'm dedicated to maintaining).

What I'm saying is that you never have to worry about regaining, if you commit to maintaining and never give up - and if you're celebrating "not gaining" there's never a reason to backslide or chuck it all in. If you're not "trying to lose weight," you can't become discouraged if you're not losing. If you celebrate "not gaining" you won't have reason to give up - so every pound you lose, becomes cumulative - you add it to the pile and work at maintaining it.

Using this mindset/strategy it isn't long before you've accumulated enough lost pounds for giving up to be less tempting than keeping on. You have too much success under your belt to risk by willingly regaining (and any time you go "off" a diet, you have to see that as a choice to regain - because that's what it really is. No one gives up dietary-diligence and maintains. Once you've been on the diet roller coaster, it takes conscious effort to maintain a weight. Failure to monitor diet inevitably causes weight gain, so you have to learn to see "giving up" even for a day as being essentially being willing to gain.

If you're dilligent about not gaining, you will eventually reach your goal, it's just a matter of always being faced in the right direction (not throwing in the towel and deciding that not-losing isn't any better than gaining - so heck I might as well eat what I want if I'm going to be fat no matter what I do - that's the thinking that causes weight loss failure, not being lazy, crazy, stupid, unmotivated, or all the other nonsense we're told).

You can do this, just by celebrating "not gaining" as much as you would losing - because when you celebrate "not gaining" there's never a reason to accept backsliding. And with no backsliding, you will never "fail" at weight loss ever again, because you're always moving towards your goal or standing still, but you're always at least facing the right direction.
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I don't know what the liposuction entails, it may help at first but unless you are willing to change your eating, it will just come back.

I used to weigh 456 pounds. I joined weight watchers and 19 months later I am down to 214. It really is a lifestyle change. Thats the key, you need to realize things need to be different from here on out.
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