New aussie girl ;)

  • Hi

    Decided to join this community because you guys all actually seem super helpful and supportive of each other, I could do with that! haha

    Well I'm not that new to weight loss, but I haven't really lost weight until recently.

    My recent weight loss started just over 2 weeks ago when I decided to go vegan.

    Itís something Iíd been wanting to do for awhile, and I know that people say that they couldnít go vegan, but Iíve been finding it kind of liberating. I havenít felt at all tempted by non-vegan food. I did however eat like 5 pumpkin mash wholemeal sandwiches the other day hahaha.

    So far, in the two weeks, I've lost 20 pounds.

    I know this seems ridiculous, but please don't tell me it's unhealthy. I've been eating enough food, enough protein and been doing insanity and hip hop abs a few days a week. I would show you my progress photo but that's not allowed atm because I'm so new hahaha. I better get posting so I can post images!

    I don't see an enormous amount of difference but I like that my tummy has got less pudgy and I think my legs are a bit smoother.

    I just remembered! Stats!

    Height: 5 ft 9

    Starting weight: 214 pounds
    Current weight: 191 pounds
    First Goal weight: 165 pounds (at this weight I won't be overweight any more)
    Second Goal weight: 150 pounds (this depends on how I feel at the first goal weight)

    So! I still have 26 pounds to go until I'm at my first goal, and I've told myself that when I get to it I'm going to do something interesting with my hair

    I'm kind of really proud of my achievements so far, and so excited to get to my goal and to go meet all you guys and learn about your journeys too!
  • Hello and welcome! I'm almost a vegan - I'm a veggie that doesn't eat dairy products. I do eat organic free range eggs, because I need as much protein as I can stuff in my face for my muscle work, haha!

    Strangely, I actually put on weight when I stopped eating dairy (I was a regular veggie before that for about 8 years). I think because I was rying to prove that you can still have amazing vegan junk food, haha! I'd be having vegan ice cream, cookies, pizzas, desserts, you name it. I've gone super healthy in the last 6 months though, and getting all the protein and nutrients I need.

    So well done on the amazing start! You'll find all the help, advice and support here that you need to get rolling on your weight loss journey. Be sure to check out the individual support threads for you age group, diet plan and preferred fitness methods. There's a vegan thread too, near the bottom of the main forum page!
  • Wow, congrats on your wonderful start!!!!!