New to the forum, but have been reading for a while

  • Hello everyone,

    I've been reading this forum for a while as a lurker and I figured I'd join in the conversation!

    I'm a fourth year university student from Canada and I am on a mission to lose some weight and tone my body by new year's eve 2013/2014! Currently, I'm 5'8 and around *hangs head* 220lbs.

    I used to be very athletic, all through my childhood I did martial arts (got my black belt in karate at 16). In high school I was in cheer leading. I got lazy in university and gained a little weight. Then, I took up jogging and lost it again.

    Most recently, I moved out of my parent's house (I'm in my mid-20's) and they did NOT like that. My relationship with them has always been strained because they are very controlling people. Anyway, moving in with my slender boyfriend who can eat anything and has a mad love of chips coupled with an emotional eating response due to the friction between my parents and I resulted in me gaining 50(!) lbs over 8 months...yikes!

    The boyfriend and I have decided to get married and we'd like to have our wedding new year's 2013/'s time to get my act in gear and lose the pounds and gain some tone so I can look great on our wedding day and subsequent cancun honeymoon.

    I've always found the support people give each other on this forum really great and I hope to make new friends and some great progress in the next 19 months!

    Sorry for the long post, I'm an excitable, chatty creature
  • Congrats on the upcoming wedding and welcome to the forum.

    If, as you say, you're the "excitable, chatty" type you've come to the right place!!!!