Hello from Tampa

  • Greetings,

    I am very new. Forgot how I found this forum a few days ago.

    I am a scrum master by day and moonlight as a cake decorator (Decadent Diva dot com).

    No, the cakes did not make me gain weight. I am much more into food than my cakes. I think once you have access to something every day, all day - you loose interest.

    I don't really diet, well haven't really dieted. I figured I wasn't going to do it until I was serious. Well, I guess I got serious - real serious.

    I turned 40 last year and am beginning to worry about getting old and being in pain and taking lots of meds. I've also noted that I have almost NO pictures of myself since about 50 pounds ago.

    I decided to see an Acupuncturist for my hand pain (the cakes and all) and ask about weight loss. We started a homeopathic weight loss plan than includes accupuncture for my hands and weight loss two weeks ago.

    I've lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks! I know that does not sound healthy but I have never felt better. I have so much energy and feel so good. The plan includes B12 pills among a bunch of other things and some drops, etc. I've kept to it pretty well, remarkably.

    I say remarkably because I am used to eating out every day including weekends for lunch and many nights for dinner. I used to have 2 cups of coffee in the morning or rather 2 cups of half and half and 2 cans of Pepsi each day.

    Since I started, no half and half, no soft drinks and am using Truvia now. I have been making my perfect serving proteins and vegetables every day (almost) and I can't believe I am still doing it. I think it might be because I am not really thinking about it, just doing it.

    My last week of phase 1 is this week so I am really serious about finishing up well. The second phase is a modified plan where the weight loss is slower.

    I am nervous because like I said, I don't diet much so I don't really have a good track record.

    After two weeks -- no pain in my right hand and very little in my left. If anyone is interested in some of the benefits of acupuncture or info (like does it hurt :-) or how much $$$ and how often), I am happy to share what little I know. It's been a good experience so far.

    Also, I have a couple of good dairy free and sugar free recipes, if anyone is interested. I also make an incredible Apple cake from real apples that can probably easily be made using Truvia. Let me know if anyone is interested in any of those.

    This seems like a really cool forum and honestly the first place where I have ever posted my real weight!!!!

    Greetings everyone!