Long Time Reader, First Time Contributor

  • Time to stop viewing & start writing! I’ve lost 45 lbs. & came here for inspiration to lose those last 5 pesky pounds . . . Oops, oh dear, wait a minute, I got it backwards: I’ve lost 5 lbs. and have 45 to go. Had ya going, didn’t I? Can you tell I’ve been reading the Goals Met section? Hopefully someday I’ll be posting there!

    Just want to say I’ve been perusing this site for days and have been amazed how positive EVERY post has been. Have never seen anything like it, despite the fact that diet opinions can be so controversial!

    Well, this past long hard month has netted me barely a 5 lb loss, but the fat can take its time GOING away if it STAYS away.

    One day at a time and all that. We're all in this together.
  • Good job 5 lbs!