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Default Insanity & Healthy Diet

Hello everyone! My name is Kristi, and I am a 22-year-old college student who has struggled for 4 years now with maintaining my weight, fitness, and healthy eating habits while at school. I'm technically a senior, but I'll be back for a 5th year, and I want this summer to set me up for success during my last year in college.

My whole life I have been an athlete. I've played soccer since I was 5, and I have never stopped...until about 6 months ago. When my soccer career ended I got lazy and my weight shot up. I currently stand at 5'4" and weigh around 155. My goal weight is 130.

So here's how I plan on doing that...

INSANITY! ha When I go home, I'm planning on doing the Insanity 62 day weight loss program. It's incredibly tough (or so I've heard), but I just NEED to do this for myself. Even my doctor has noticed my weight gain, and she commented on how I need to change that because diabetes runs in my family. So I have no more time to screw around. I have to make the changes now.

Which is why it's frustrating that I'm still at school. I feel so gross all the time. I feel fat, honestly, every time I see myself in a mirror or in pictures. I just want to get home for the summer, so I can start this workout. I can't leave though because all of my closest friends are graduating in a week, and I need/want to spend this last week with them before we part ways.

I've decided that the main thing is that I want to watch my diet for this last week although I'm sure there will be a lot of drinking involved. I also want to start forming the habit or drinking a TON of water, so that when I do finally get home I already have that down.

Okay so I know this is kinda jumpy, but I want to talk a little bit more about my summer. I'll be babysitting my sister's children 3 days a week, and I will also be working at Macaroni Grill on the other days and during a weekend. I'm still waiting to get my actual schedule, but I generally work during the night there, so I want to do my workouts in the morning when I have to work at Macaroni Grill. When I'm babysitting I will have to do the workouts either at night or at like 6am before I head over to my sisters.

I've already decided a few things for the summer. One is that I'm giving up alcohol. As much as that might suck, and as much as my friends might hate that, it's something I need to do in order to be able to do the workouts and to have a healthy diet. There will be one exception, and that's when my stepsister comes home from Denver for a weekend. Other than that though, NO MAS!

I need to start going to bed WAY earlier. Midnight, maybe earlier?

I want to cook meals for dinner as often as possible.

NO EATING MACARONI GRILL FOOD! This is a big one for me. That food is terrible, and I need to PACK my food if I'm gonna be there for a long time.

So as for my weight, I want to drop 20 pounds this summer. 135 pounds by the end of August (when I come back to school).

Phew, I feel better already after getting that all out. I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people and being inspired from the stories I find here! Thank you!!
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Best of luck to you! Definately COOK for yourself, read nutrition labels, keep a food journal. So you want to lose 25 pounds?? That is a very realistic goal! Your gonna get it done!
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Welcome aboard and good luck with Insanity!
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