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Default New to this forum (not new to dieting!) and ready to do it for ME!

Hey everyone!

So I'm new here and have been lurking for the last few days and thought it was time to introduce myself here! I haven't been a part of a forum community in a long time so I'm kind of excited!

So here's a little bit about me: I have been overweight most of my life. I was a very active child and was pretty skinny up until about grade 4ish. That's when things started to change. My sister was always overweight as a child and about when I was 9ish we kind of made a switch - she got skinny and I gained weight. People around me always poked fun at my weight (even when I wasn't overweight) and I think it just became something that I let happen because everyone said that anyways.

Grade school was horrible because I was made fun of a lot for my wieght. People that were my friends stopped being friends with me because I was fat and 'uncool' and it was really hurtful. In highschool it just got worse. When I entered grade 9 I was a size 16 and fluctuated between that and size 20 throughout highschool. Highschool was also the time that I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and struggled with self-harm. I had very low self-esteem and self-worth because of my weight (among other things) and engaged in a lot of self-harming behaviours.

Things got worse for me when I got to college. I ate horribly (as most college students do!) and put on more weight. After my first year I moved back home and started driving to school - me with a car equaled me in a lot of drive-thrus. I was obsessed with food and ate fastfood at least once a day (and a lot of it - I would binge a lot and eat a fast food meal before going home to eat dinner). Not only was I a binge eater, but I was also an emotional eater.

I tried different diets and always failed because I just couldn't not eat junk food. I had a compulsion to eat bad food all the time in large quantities. I couldnt go into a store without buying junk food for the ride home! I tried weight watchers a few times and at one point lost 40 lbs, but then I gained it all back and more!

Exercising was always hard for me. I had no motivation to do anything and I was always tired and depressed.

In May 2007 I became a christian and my life inproved a lot in respect to my attitude and my moods, but my weight continued to go up.

Every time I tried to lose wieght I failed and I think because I was always doing it for other people - I was always trying to lose weight because everyone told me I had to (My sister needed a liver transplant in 2007 and I actually had someone ask me why I couldnt donate and I told them it was because I was overweight and needed to lose 60 lbs before theyd even consider me. After my sister got a donor that person came up to me and said 'im glad your sisters getting a liver, but you should still lose those 60 lbs!' What nerve some people have!)

Anyways, sorry this is getting long winded! haha . For the past few years I've been battling stomach issues, headaches, lethargy, etc. I had kind of self-diagnosed myself with IBS because I couldn't eat without having to go to the bathroom within minutes and feeling horrible. I felt horrible all the time and had no motivation. It was at this point that I weighed my heaviest - about 258!

Then one day, while talking about my issues, someone suggested to me that maybe I have an allergy to something. So I talked to a coworker who's also a personal trainer/nutritionist and she suggested doing an allergy elimination diet. I had narrowed it down to wheat and dairy. We started with the wheat and within 3 days I had no stomach aches, no headaches, and so much more energy! Turns out I have a wheat intolerance (or allergy - that i'm not sure of yet!).

I cut wheat out of my diet and couldn't believe the change and withing a couple monthes I lost about 12 lbs, just because of that change. I feel more like myself now and feel like I can take control of my weight! I'm ready to eat healthy and be healthy because I now see how it makes me feel! I was stuck for sooo long in that jail of a food allergy and now I feel like I've been set free! My anxiety has even lessened!

I am excited to take control of my weight and I just plan on eating healthier (which is a lot easier now that I cant have the stuff I used to binge on because it makes me violently sick!).

I have the energy to exercise now - I've always beat myself up for being so lazy and not exercising, but it was because I had zero energy! I started a running program wiht my room mate called Couch to 5k and I actually look forward to running! I am even signing up for a 5k in July!

I have been so inspired by you guys and reading the goal posts and can't wait to be able to post mine! i am excited to be a part of this community, because as much as I'm motivated, I'm still going to have my struggles!

Anyways, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Have a great day!

Oh I almost forgot! My heaviest weight was 258. I am not down to 241 and my ultimate goal is 150!

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Wohoo! Congratulations on making a change in your life! I'm new here, but I want to Welcome you anyway, So, Welcome!!! lol.
I'm excited for a lot of the things you are excited for too, haha.
Congrats on the weight loss so far, excited for you to meet any mini goals, and major goals that you have!
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Laura, I have to say your excitement is infectious! I'd already read a couple of intros and was about to start looking around the rest of the site. I'm glad I read one more...yours. Your post exudes confidence and excitement despite the hardships you've been through, which I can totally relate to. (Don't you just *love* how random strangers feel compelled and entitled to comment on your body?)

Congrats on the successes you've had so far, and good luck on the rest of the journey!

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Welcome! I'm new as well and just as excited as you are about the changes I have made and will make! Good luck on your journey!
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Thanks so much ElociN2392, Puffinie, and ShrinkingPrettyGirl and congratulations to you guys too for making this start!

I'm so glad I have found this site for additional motivation, support, and a place to talk/write/read from people who are experiencing the same things!!
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Welcome! Isn't it amazing that certain foods can really make a change when we eliminate them? More so than a diet...I discovered last month that it wasn't me starting menopause (or thinking I might be) giving me the terrible hot flashes. After all this time, it was an allergy to MILK! Mercy!
I m week 8 on a clean eating program (Simply For Life) and when I stick to it, I feel so awesome! When I deviate for a day or 2 (yes I have) I start to have the same stomach issues etc. Mercy what a wonderful feeling to realize that and then be able to control it!
You can do this. Take that control!!! WELCOME!
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