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Question NEW and STUCK

Hi there !!!

I was looking some kind of "forum" online about loosing weight and found you guys !

I have been trying to loose 30 pounds for the past year and I just seem not to be able to do so.
I am 5'6 and about 175 pounds. Ok, its not that horrible someone might say, but for me it just sucks.
I am not a person that sits on a couch and does nothing.

I work out 4-5times a week (cardio, cardio step classes, aerobics, stretching, strengthnening, long walks - up to 3 hours, hikes).

I eat quite healthy and keep my diet under 1400 calories which was suggested to me as a diet plan.
I dont eat junk.
I dont drink sodas and sweet stuff (not drinking my calories)
I eat lots of veggies and fruit (freh)
I try to stay away from calbohydrates (side dieshes mainly)
etc ...
Just really trying to do my best in this mather ...

However after 1 year of trying, I lost about 7 pounds. My weight has not been moving since xmas (flaxuate up and down 5 pounds .. but never under my current weight ... )


My husband saiz I am just freaking out for no reason and that he can see a difference .. but I believe that in a year I should be down at least 20 pounds not 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would say your shape has definitely changed. Have you gone down clothing sizes?

When did you start working out? Just in the past year? If that's the case you've probably lost body fat and gained muscle mass, which is heavier than fat but makes you appear slimmer and leaner!

Do you measure yourself? Try comparing photographs. I bet there's a huge difference in the way you look.
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Hi There!
I can so relate to this! I am also 5'6"... I started at 178 lbs and am slowly getting my weight down (173 lbs now!) I agree that your shape is probably changing dramatically, and you are definitely getting healthier, but I understand the frustration of not seeing a change on the scale.

I have had better success when I have gone for an average calorie count per week instead of focusing on daily intake. I aim for an average of 1500 calories, but one day I might eat 1800, then 1425 then next day, then 1500, then 1300, etc... averaging out to near 1500 by the end of the week. "Calorie Cycling" like that is supposed to keep your metabolism going and it works well for me. Also, of course, there's the usual calorie-counting pitfall: Sometimes when I go in a measure and calculate carefully it turns out I am consuming more calories than I thought.

In terms of exercise, I also switched over to doing intervals. I am doing the "Couch-to-5k" running plan, and I love it. Generally now when I do cardio I go from power walking to running as fast as I can and back for again, doing short chunks of each for about thirty minutes. It has been great, and I think it is causing me to burn more calories!

I'm also taking kelp supplements because I was warned I might be iodine deficient and that can make your thyroid slower.

I hope maybe some of these suggestions work for you!! Good luck!
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LIERIN ~ I second the idea of "cycling" your calories; and my calculations say you should be eating closer to 1575 for a "moderately" active person. You really are working out a lot and that can cause some water gain, and "holding" as I call it. It may sound strange, but cycle upwards for a while and see what happens -- i.e. 1400, 1600, 1500, 1600, 1400, and so on.

What to add in? Start with lean proteins like nuts, seeds, eggs, meat and more veggies; then dairy, and a little fat. Try this for a few weeks and see if it helps.
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Hi guys !

Thank you so much for all the support and help ! I must say that you all made me feel way better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do have issues with Thyroid in the family and I was alraedy thinking about going to have it check out, but the idea of eating kelp suplements seems like a good idea as well. I mean, it cant hurt me and it might help out my thyroid.

I do believe I have a slow metabolism. When I eat a bigger meal (bigger meaning, more than one apple LOL) my stomach bloads up and I look like Iam at least 6 months pregnant (no joke!). It goes away in like an hour, but I have never met anyone with the samep roblem. Othervice I have a flat stomach (which is the only good thing about my body right now !) ... I am definitely hour glass shaped. I always had a weight problems, since I was a child, so this is not something new either.

My husband keeps telling me that I am definitely looking leaner and toner ... also other people have told me, but I dont see such a huge difference. It seems to me, like my clothes are fiting almost the same as they use to ... maybe with a smaller difference here adn there?
I think I am just way too hard on myself and expect way too much from everything ... it might be the problem.

I Have been working out for about year and few months.
I wish I enjoyed running, but my knee doesnt exactly agree with running so I dont do it. But maybe I should try your couch-to-5k I like it

Its so nice talking to pepole that are in the same boat as me !!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like no one else understands my frusturation, especially my hsuband that has a 6 pack without even trying (dont you hate it !!!)

Thank you guys ! Seriously !!!!!
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S/C/G: 178 / 169.5 / 143

Height: 5'6'


So glad some of our suggestions helped! Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear about your progress
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