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Default Pleased to Meet You, Hope You Guess my Name

It's a been a while since I've been on a forum...

Hello all! Obviously I'm a newbie around here. I've kind of lurked for a couple of days, but finally decided to join up.

My name is Steph and I'm in the market to ultimately lose 90 pounds, but I will be happy with 80 wherein I will be under the maximum weight limit to enlist in the Air Force. This is my main driving factor right now, but at the same time I fear that it will turn into a weakness. I've been watching my calories and walking for 40 minutes a day for the past two weeks and have lost around 4-5 pounds. Slow, but steady is the way to go, but I have irrational fears of failure and it's been a struggle. That being said, I'm hoping to make some friends and potential supporters. Accountability buddy anyone? I would also love to hear everything that has worked for you on your weight loss journeys. Also, any tips on how to eat the right amount of calories? I think I've scared myself into eating too few although I'm trying to up it just a little. 800-900 calories are too few from what I've been told, but I'm so afraid of getting too close to the 1200 My Fitness Pal tells me to have.

Anyway, I'm glad to be around and look forward to getting to know all of you!
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If you eat too few calories you will slow your weight loss down. I even think 1200 is a little low, in any case do not go below 1200 or you will be robbing yourself of needed nutrients. I have tried all kinds oif diets and found calorie counting works best for me. No restricted foods it is reliable, flexible and free. It will also stand you in good stead when you reach goal. Good luck !
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I'm doing this!
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I'm totally with you on the calorie thing. I do eat 1200 and very slightly more when I workout. But, usually, I'm scared of going over and end up under eating. So, I think that has definitely hindered my weight loss. There's another thread today similar to that topic. Someone mentioned drinking a glass of milk instead of eating the calories, in case you are just not hungry at the end of the day when you're under cals.
I log absolutely everything into my phone app calorie counter. I love it.
Anyhow, welcome to this site!! you'll find lots of support and buddies
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Thank you both for the well wishes and the pointers! Drinking the calories (in the form of milk or another potentially nutritional drink) is not a bad idea! The My Fitness Pal app has certainly helped me the past couple of weeks, so I feel you on loving the app. It's easy and convenient.
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hi im new here and have no idea what to do lol
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