Front and centre!

  • Hi there...
    I've been a member on here for a long time, but for some reason too scared to really post anything, so I've been lurking about for way too long.
    I've been struggling with my weight for a long time, and I've decided that you know's now or never. I'll be 27 this year, and I'd like to head into my 30's healthy, happy and able to spend time being active and having fun with my 4.5 year old daughter, so now is the time to work towards that!
    No more time for excuses....
    So yeah, HI!, officially.....I'm from Canada, and I love love love this site, I think if I push myself and keep telling myself that I deserve to be happy and to like (one day love) myself..I can do this! **Not without the help of you awesome people on here!**
  • Welcome!

    I am a fellow Albertan (Calgary). Good job with your current weight loss. Winter's here make it hard for many to lose weight, but with the mild weather we have been having lately, I am not sure if I can really call it "winter" lol!.

    What has helped me is joining challenges that make me accountable for eating crappy or being lazy. Currently I am in a challenge where you enter your weight weekly and each week there is a winner, as well as a challenge where you have to input your exercise EVERYDAY for 3 months! Everyone can see, so it makes you actually wanna do something so you are not the only slacker. I highly recommend such challenges as they keep you motivated.

    Good luck with everything. If you ever feel a binge coming on, just come to this site and it will help you choose to go the other direction!.
  • Jen, welcome, glad to have you join us. Like Candeka, I suggest you look for a Challenge or Support group to join; small check-in groups make it easier to connect, get involved, and be accountable. We have groups centering around specific diet plans, themes, or age groups, so find one that inspires you and just post to join! Be sure to check out the 20-somethings
  • Thanks guys
    I'm actually on a fb group with a bunch of friends and friends of friends and such, and for 4 months, we plan on tracking our weight loss once a week, and we all paid in to join up. The winner wins the there's a bit of motivation there
    Yeah, I'll be sure to check out the 20-somethings!! Thanks
    And to Candeka--I'm from Edmonton, and I agree, this isn't feeling like winter at all, it's fantastic!