New Here

  • Hi,
    Im new here but not new to wanting to loose weight. In the past Ive lost some weight I have always gained it back and then some. Im tired of this and need a permanent change in my life. Im a carbolic and love sweets. I know the basics that you need to eat right, exercise but some days thats so much easier said then done.

    Im a stay ay home mommmy to a 26mo little girl and a 14mo little boy, 10 months ago we moved 2000+ miles away from friends and family. My son has some severe food allergies and is still on formula and just started solids bout 3 weeks ago. Thats an insane amount of stress in itself. My son also wakes up every couple of hours through the night so I rarely get more then 2-3 hours of sleep in a row. So I have a lot going on with my little family. :-)

    I look forward to getting some great support here and getting to know everyone.