Ready, Set, GO! :)

  • I guess this is the place to start. I am new to this board, but not knew to message boards. I was just hoping to find one that isn't diet specific and so intense. I would love to make connections, encourage and be encouraged, and basically enjoy this process with friends. Looking forward to looking around the board and getting to know people.

    My name is Debi. I am a happy wife and the mom of an 8 year old boy. I was diagnosed with renal failure (cause unknown) last year along with a couple of auto-immune diseases that are now under control. Finding a diet balance is difficult. I have spent the last year researching and using the process of trial and error to maintain my disease, but my weight loss continues to challenge me. After loosing 100 pounds the unhealthy way - I am ready to lose the final 100 the right way. I no longer want to subscribe to any program or plan. I simply want to learn to eat less and move more and find that healthy balance. This looks like a good place to do that.
  •'ll find great people here on all types of plans including what I call the "lifestyle" plan which is basically eating healthier and smarter. CONGRATS on the success this far. Wishing you well on your final 100 journey. (I'm still working on my first 100 )
  • Welcome!