Hi guys! :)

  • Hey everyone This is my first time on a weight loss forum. I decided to try this because I find that if I don't have support I give in to food temptations much easier. A little about me:

    I was very skinny and little until puberty and since then have struggled with my weight. The last few years my weight has gone up and down a lot. I want to lose a reasonable amount of weight so I feel more comfortable in my body and can wear all the cute kinds of clothes I have always wanted to. I also want to get in better shape and feel healthier. I'm in college and eating good isn't the easiest thing right now. I am 18, 5'9", and weigh approximately 210 lbs (though I need to weigh myself in the morning and find out more exactly lol) I want to weight 165/170 but maybe slightly lower. I want to have a goal weight that isn't too ridiculous for me to reach. My first goal is 200 lbs. My weaknesses are junk food, especially desserts/treats. I want to try to eat much less junk food and also eat smaller portions throughout the day.

    Recently I have gone to the gym here on campus a few times as well as an ab workout class and cardio dance class. The problem is that I get so busy with school work that I only end up working out like once a week. So I think for me to start actually losing weight I need to increase my gym visits and work on my meal proportions/dessert intake lol.

    I'm hoping to find support here and maybe a diet buddy who is in a similar situation weight and diet wise as me Let me know!
  • Welcome and good luck!