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Laydeitrippstuh 10-15-2011 01:36 AM

New to this
Hello everyone,

I have no idea really what to say. Starting off my name is Karen. I graduated from Army basic training in August (2010). I was pretty much in the best shape I had ever been. Im only a reservist so we go to drill one weekend a month. The whole work out routine was gone once I came home.

My boyfriend came home from Afghanistan and we started eating like crazy!! We recently got married this year in February. I went from being a 130 in August 2010, back to almost 160.

We recently also moved to Okinawa. I have no motivation to work out, but since the Marine Corps ball is coming up in November, I really want to fit in my dress.

My goal weight is 120, I want to be able to feel good about myself! Any advice/help would be great and any idea where to start :D Thanks!!


bargoo 10-15-2011 09:57 AM

Welcome and good luck.Do you have a diet and exercise plan ?

Laydeitrippstuh 10-17-2011 08:35 AM

I don't . I feel like every time I start a diet I get so tempted by food that it doesnt work :(

bargoo 10-17-2011 08:59 AM

It all depends how bad you want it. Find a diet that you can stick with. I have found that calorie counting works best for me. Less restrictive, no forbidden founds. There are other diet plans you might want to look into, South Beach is very popular as well as Weight Watchers, Atkins has a lot of followers. You may need to experiment a little to see what is best for you.

BMXgf 10-17-2011 12:05 PM

Thats awesome! I have family there too from the military. My aunt recently just retired after 30 years. I know what you mean about not being motivated, THAT WAS ME!!! what helps alot to cut down on eating so much in one sitting is drinking water through out the day. I find it to curve my appetite :) Good luck on reaching your goal ;)

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