Scales anyone?

  • Thinking about getting a new scale and was wondering if anybody had any recommendations. I have a Weight Watchers scale but I have had it for many years and it has been dropped and banged around quite a bit. I'm not looking to spend a lot of money but I do want accuracy. Would love to hear suggestions.
  • I found that as long as you use the same scale each time you weight, it doesn't really matter what kind of scale it is. Mine is at least 10yrs old and is still pretty much inline with what the Dr's office says and about a pound off from what the WW scale used to say.
  • I saw a scale on the internet that's suppose to be very accurate,I think the name was weight smart.Look on wal-mart's website they have it.
  • Thanks Grasshopper, I will check it out. Really questioning the accuracy of mine since it displays a different weight every time I step on it. It has been flipped over and beat up quite a bit since our 2 yr. old grandson loves to play on it.
  • I would get digital scale. Even if you don't lose a full pound one week, it is nice to see the .5 drop. Keeps me motivated when the number in front of the decimal doesn't go down.
  • I have a Tanita scale that I bought at Target and I really like it. It measures in .2s. Like mcorbesato said, it's nice to see a drop even if it's not a full pound.
  • I totally agree mcorbesato, I currently have a digital, however, was not even aware how much of an impact the ounces had on my motivation until you verbalized it. Yes! You are absolutely right; when the pounds DON"T drop it IS encouraging to see the ounces drop. A small ray of HOPE to hold onto (or should I say let go of). Thanks for the observation.