Hey Im a Newbie on this site :)

  • hi everyone I have started my weight loss journey and my aim is to loose 75lbs by the start of july next year 2012. my mini goal though is to have a stone off for christmas 2011 and I really feel I can do it.Im 23 and my weight has spiralled out of control and now I feel if I dont do something now I will just get heavier and heavier and that is something I cant afford to do. I look back at photos of myself and wonder how I didnt realise I was doing this to myself well i did realise but I wasnt ready to change but something has clicked and Im a fat chick on a mission to skinnyville x x x

    Starting weight 237lbs
    Current weight 230lbs
    Goal weight 164lbs
  • Welcome! Your goals are totally attainable! You will find a ton of support and information on this site. Best of luck to you!
  • Welcome! Good luck on your weight loss journey. You can do it!
  • Welcome! Good Luck on your journey!