"Freak 'Em Dress", Here I Come

  • Hey Ladies,

    I just started the Atkins diet 2 days ago. So far so good I guess. I used the Keto sticks to see if I was in Ketosis and my levels were normal. It kind of hurt my feelings. I have been on at least 100 other diets at one time or another but I'm an Atkins Virgin. I don't think I eat enough protein or fat because I'm used to counting calories with other diets. How long does it take for you to get into Ketosis. Like many of you, I just keep dreaming of the day when I can wear a nice form fitting dress & NOT looking like the Michelin man in it!! Any help/ tips would be much appreciated. I wanna wear a Freak 'em dress!!
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    There's an Atkins section under Diet Central here that you might find useful.

    Best of wishes on your journey~
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