Looking for a support group :)

  • Hi everyone! I just started here at 3fatchicks. I've been trying to lose 10 pounds for 10 years now, and with a wedding on the way, it's now or never! I've got a little more than 100 days to get there! Oh and does anyone know how to add my ticker to my blog? Thanks so much
  • 10 lb in 100 days is certainly achievable if you stick to your game. If you don't already do any exercising try incorporating a 30 minute walk into your day and gradually increase your workouts.

    To add a ticker you have to be a member for 20 days with 20 posts. After that you will have the option to edit your signature and add a ticker.
  • Welcome to 3FC =)

    Best of wishes on your journey~
  • Are you doing a workout program or thinking about starting one?

    best of luck!