Questions.. :)

  • Im new and i have logged my food intake today. I thought i would share it with everyone and get opinions to see if im on the right track. ANY HELP IS WANTED.

    Breakfast: 2 packs of spongebob gummies
    Calories: 160
    Fat Cals: 0
    Fat: 0
    Carbs: 38g
    Sugar: 24g

    Lunch: Turkey & Cheese Sand. w/ Doritos
    Calories: 517
    Fat Cals: 195
    Fat: 22g
    Carbs: 48g
    Sugar: 7g

    Snack: Pickle..and a soda
    Calories: 180
    Carbs: 45g
    Sugar: 44g

    Dinner: Small amount of Baked Chicken..(my Pa cooked it so idk the Cals or Carbs in it)
    Steamed Veggies
    Large Salad: lettuce, Tomato only..w/Thousand Island<3

    I drink Diet sodas only. Sept the soda i had today bc My grandpa bought a few glassed sodas and i drank one
  • Let me preface this by saying I am in no way an expert, medical or otherwise, but since you asked for opinions here are mine:

    Depending on what the calorie count was for your dinner, you may be eating too few calories. I found it easier at the beginning to pick a larger number of calories for the day (around 1900) and then work down slowly (now I'm at around 1600). I wasn't hungry at the beginning so I was able to stay on plan.

    I have also heard (again not an expert) that if you eat too few calories and then have a bad day, your body will store a lot more of the food from your bad day because its in starvation mode.

    I would also suggest trying to get more out of your breakfast. I was not a breakfast person before I started calorie counting, but having a good breakfast (I usually have a good cereal or oatmeal) really helps me stay on track for lunch. I'm also a calorie hoarder in that I'm afraid that I'll run out by the end of the day so I eat less earlier on. This left me with a lot of calories at the end of the day that I used on unhealthy stuff because I could.

    I would also check the nutrition on the dressing, it can have more calories than you're expecting. If you love thousand island then you absolutely can find a way to fit in, but you may want to shop around for a lower fat option.

    Finally (I swear this is my last thought) I would try to guesstimate calories, even when you're having something homemade (and this can be very frustrating for some people who really want to be accurate but I think its important). There are a number of different places you can look up nutritional info (myfittnesspal is one that I use). It probably won't be accurate, but at least you'll have some idea of how much you're consuming.

    I know that was a lot, so thanks for sticking with me. I've been calorie counting for almost 2 months now and it was a pain in the beginning but its much easier now and its helped me a TON. Good luck!!
  • Spetty, you are one smart cookie and a good read! I enjoyed your response and learned some things too. @sickof300, gummies does not a nutritious breakfast make. Clearly, you like something chewy and sweet. I would think a toasted english muffin with some pb&j would be better, nutritionwise, than 2 packs of gummi bobs. (No judgment here tho.) You could probably have had the suggested sandwich, plus a few gummis to top you off. The Doreetos probably have a lot of sodium and maybe fat'd be better with blue corn chips, and add some volume to your sandwich with veggies. I don't know what program you're following, or just counting calories, and I don't know a whole heck of a lot, but these are my opinions. I do wish you well.
  • Spetty: I REALLY appreciate your opinions! and trust me you can never say too much to me, Im very determined so everything counts. and im taking what you said very serious. again thanks! and feel free to help me whenever.

    124chicksinger: weeeell yes i do love the gummies but also it was very quick.
    I think tomorrow ill have something better, prly the whites of boiled egg and toast. Yeh i didnt include the lettuce and tomato in the description but i did have it on my sandwich. Doritos yea i think that was the worst part of my lunch. so agreeed! Im not following any program just gonna count my calories for now i suppose. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! feel free to help me anytime.
  • I have found watching my sugar intake to be VERY effective in my weight loss. I also watch carbs, but I'm most restrictive about sugar (< 15 g/day). I suggest you transition into eating more "real food" - not the gummies or chips - and try to focus on eating a good amount of protein. That will help you feel more full. You're doing fine for a start - try to incorporate changes slowly so they don't feel overwhelming.
  • ERHR: Thank you. My sugar levels are always pretty low sept with the gummies. lol.. i check my blood sugar level daily w/ my Dad hes diabetic
    like today my levels were 88,90,91. they used to be up in the 200s but i got it down.