Newbie, trying to stay consistent

  • Hey guys,

    I'm new here! Im 21 and about 5'4. I am currently 169 pounds and am seriously looking to make a change, its just very hard to know where to begin. I danced from about the age of 8 to 15 and it was my favorite way to stay active. I felt healthier and much better about myself at that point, though I wasnt particularly thin. College has REALLY done a number on me. Between the drinking and 2 AM binges while studying for exams, my body has suffered. From freshman to junior year, I have easily gained 10 pounds and I notice it everyday. I want senior year to be a bit different.

    I am really hoping for advice on how to stay consistent with exercise. I have never been a gym rat so if anyone has any tips on how to stay motivated with a gym routine or any other kind of exercise, I would appreciate it immensely!