Newbie from Alabama

  • I am from Talladega, Ala, I am 54 years old, the mother of 2 boys ages 18 and 14, I previously worked for AT&T for 25 years until AT&T closed our entire office putting over 200 people out of work, I was heavy while I was employed but I am really depressed about not having a job and I have really gained a lot of weight since I have no job to go to, I have been looiking for a job but have had no success, my husband is currently out of work on medical leave in the past year he has had rotator surgery, a total knee replacement and a total hip replacement he is still recuperating from hip surgery. I have lost weight in the past with Weight Watchers Momentum program and I am going to try to do this program at home since I have no money and I don't like the plan being used by WW currently. I can really use all the help I can get if any of you have any advise. Thanks for your help.
  • Welcome aboard! Good luck on your goals There is a WW board if you feel comfortable, join right in!!!
  • Welcome
    Welcome! I am a newbie too. With all this support we can't do anything but succeed.
  • Another chick from Alabama
    Hi degamom44 I am also from Alabama. I live about a hour south of you. I am also doing WW it has been slow but it will work if you follow the plan. I a m sorry your family has had such a hard time. Think positive that things will get better. Take oneday at a time with your WW. Good luck and keep posting