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Default had enough

just thought id introduce myself and say hello
im no good at this but here goes
my name is tracy im 28 and have 2 daughters and been engaged to my partner 8 long years ive slowly been putting weight on now for the last couple of years and now had enough it seems the more i exercise the more weight i put on lol (daft i know)
i dont eat much so dont think its a case of over eating more to do with not eating enough i think
well thats me
please to meet you all

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Welcome! Best of luck on this journey!
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Welcome and best of luck!!
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madhouse, good luck on your journey and welcome

However, the physics of weight gain are very simple.... you are always in one of three states.... a caloric deficit, where you take in less than your body needs in a day (results in weghtloss) caloric maintenance or balance, where you eat exactly how much your body requires in a day, i.e.; energy balance (weight stays the same) or you can be in a caloric surplus, where you eat MORE than your body requires in a day ( resulting in weigh or fat gain)... you dont put on weight by not eating enough (aside from rare medical cindtions or whatnot).
You are probably eating more than you realize.... just because you dont eat frequently, it doesnt mean you dont eat too much..... someone can easily gain weight by eatign one meal a day, if its made up of calorically dense food. Not to mention you have daughters... a lot of us motherstend to graze when we make meals for our children, or "steal" a few french fries, finish whats on their plates, etc...... those calories do count!!
My point is, if youhavent chosen and decided on a diet plan yet, my best advice is to TRACK WHAT YOU EAT for a few days... write down every bite lick, taste and meals...... your portion sizes (or perception of portion sizes) are probably distorted, and larger than yo realize.
Im not trying to be mean, im merely saying that 99.999999% of us either UNDERESTIMATE our caloric intake (even people who track, weigh and measure) or they grossly OVER estimate how much they move in a day, e.e.; how many calories they deserve, or earn in a day.
find a BMR tracker online..they are everywhere, and it will give you a very very GENERAL idea of how much you burn in a day.
Good for you for exercising too! thats great! but if youve been exercising regularly for a while, then your body adapts to the exercise and you become more efficient and burn less than you did when you started..... not to mention we, in general, dont burn nearly as many calories as we think during exercise. NEVER go by what the machine says your cals burned are..... Alot of people will workout for 30 min to an hour, and think they burn 300 to 800 cals, when in reality they burned half that. Then they go and eat one cookie, and guess whaty? they just ate back ALL the cals they burned.
My point is, to re-iterate, faithfully and HONESTLY track what you are eating for a few days. I think you will be very suprised by the rue amount you're eating.
Please take this as constructive advice, and not criticism. Fatloss is all about diet, in my opiono its 100% of the equation... you cant out-exercise pooor eating habits. Invest in an inexpensive food scale... you can get a digital one at walmart for 20 bucks..... it will be indispensable
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Hey there and Welcome to 3FC =)

As suggested, you might actually want to try journaling your food intake for two weeks without changing anything. You might be surprised at the servings you're eating... or the amount of calories in the food you're having.

You'll find a lot of knowledgeable people with good ideas and solid advice around the boards. We all want to see each member lose weight and be healthier.

Best of wishes!
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Welcome! I agree with what has already been said. However just to emphasize the importance of keeping a food journal. Once I started do that I was SHOCKED to see how many calories I was ACTUALLY consuming. When I started to keep track make small changes that is when the pounds started to come off. Good luck!
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welcome to 3fc's Tracy!!! Glad you took my advice xxxxx
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thank you all for the warm welcome
yes took your advice nat thanks for that lol
thanks i will try a BMR tracker
i think my worst habit is coffee i dont just drink 1 or 2 cups i usually have around 20 a day so when u think i have milk and sugar in them all its an awful lot but i am working on cutting that down and drinking more water
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