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Default New to the Boards (Yay!) and Eager to Receive and Give Support!

Hmmm....where to begin...

This is new to me. I successfully lost weight in 2003 (and kept it off for almost 7 years) by participating in Weight Watchers. I've tried to rekindle my enthusiasm for how I once lost weight and can't do it. After pondering for minutes, hours, and days...I think it's because I lost interest and need something new. I know A LOT about eating healthy, but I lack in exercise and support. It's been incredibly difficult to motivate myself to go walking in 40 degree weather (If you live up north, you're probably laughing...that's nothing.) and I recently moved...being the introvert that I am, I've yet to make friends. So here is my story...please holler back if you can relate and even if it's not similar to your experience, please...please...please drop a line of encouragement anyway.

Once upon a time, when I was a college student (before the rigorous demands of a teacher), I arrived at the decision that I was not happy at 220 lbs and perhaps I should make some changes. The final trigger for me was taking a picture with some friends and my taking up a much larger portion of the photo than anyone else. With time on my hands, a hand-me-down Nordic Track, and Weight Watchers...I dropped from a size 16-18 to a size 6. I felt...more than I could put into words...awesome! Over time, I gained a little of the weight back, but hovered around a healthy 8-10. I was still pretty happy. Over some more time, that number rose again and again.

Last year, I became a member of the "divorce diet." It was, by far, the most effortless, fastest diet I've ever encountered. It's easy to eat smaller portions when one does not have an appetite or a even the slightest zest for life. The "divorce diet" was a positive in light of endless (should I mention violating) paperwork, arguments, and long hours with lawyers. Even with all that considered, I was ecstatic to fit into smaller sizes and feel physically healthy.

As the pendulum swings, over the summer, I met a wonderful man and fell in love. Shortly after, I started to gain (and gain some more) weight. The discovery was made (on behalf of my own personal research) that when I'm happy I love to eat. As a result, I'm back at a very uncomfortable weight-emotionally and physically.

For one, I'm no longer 22 (my age when I last weighed this much) and I've noticed the extra weight is taxing on my body. I'm out of breath and my knees hurt. Goodness, I didn't think I'd experience joint pain until I was well into my 90's. Emotionally, I feel as far from sexy as metaphors may not be appropriate for a message board (so I'll refrain). My significant other tells me that he's still very attracted to me and it doesn't affect him. I'm not attracted to myself anymore and my extra weight commandeers my mind during a good portion of my waking hours as well as invading my sleep. I'm so tired of it that I feel like I can climb a mountain top and yell incessantly. I have other habits that I want to kick (i.e. smoking and not exercising), but I have to start with the eating.

My biggest struggles are...I love, LOve, LOVE southern-style food (live in Georgia after all) and my eyes are bigger than my stomach...yet I have to finish all of the food on my plate (thank my parents for that one). Please, any support, suggestions...anything you can offer. This is new to me and I'm hoping that with my knowledge of healthy eating, the support will be the boost that I need.

If you've made it this far, know that I'm VERY thankful of your time and kindness!
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Everyone has lost and gained. I am sure you will find awesome support here with the 3FC community. Why don't you try to eat half vegetables during lunch and dinner? Cut out fried foods. Start walking. Those are small steps that can make a big difference.

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Hi and welcome to 3FC.

Good luck with your goals.

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