Hello to all

  • Hello everyone!

    Well..here I am..

    Yet another diet started. The latest of many

    This time though, I have to do it.
    On Saturday I was forced to face a very unpleasant fact...I'm HUGE!
    I was forced to accept this when I found out I couldn't fasten the seatbelt in the back of my Dad's car!!!

    As a result..over the weekend...I've I've raged, (at myself...but poor old hubby has caught some of it), I've cried, and I've faced facts....I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!

    So...Here I am..
    The start of a journey that will lead to a less hefty, and more healthy..ME!
    I'll be checking in often along the way

    Wish me luck!
  • Hi & to 3FC!
    Hugs and support on your weight loss journey

  • Welcome to 3FC, Sugardumpling! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, but for many people that is what it takes to fuel a successful weight loss. The start is always the roughest - just hang in there and things will feel normal again real soon!
  • Welcome and good luck!

  • Hi and welcome to the forum! I know we've all had a funky moment in our lives where we realize that it's time to lose weight. You can do it!
  • Welcome! You're in the right place, now!

  • Hi and welcome to 3FC.

    Good luck with your goals.

  • Good Luck & Welcome to the boards!
  • Welcome to 3FC, we are glad you are here and know that you will find a lot of support here.