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  • Hey everyone! My husband and I started Ideal Protein on Tuesday (January 5th) and are doing fine! I can't wait to weigh in next Wednesday! Glad there is a message board to communicate with everyone! Any tips? I also hate the pink lemonade drink... GROSS! Also today we ate the chili and put it on lettuce with onions and it was pretty good! Hope everyone is doing well!
  • Hi Laura!
    Sounds like you and hubby are off to a great start with a good plan - the support you need is here - we'll all be here to cheer you on.

    Glad to have you join us! There are lots & lots of different groups and forums - I'm sure you'll find some that will keep you motivated and inspired - you'll be a wonderful addition to any of them. Check out the Ideal Protein threads - also the Success Stories are a must!

    There are bunches of people here with more to lose and some with less - the bottom line is that we all have to do it a day at a time. The good thing is that we'll have lots of company along the way.

    I've only been here a few months myself, having NEVER been part of an online forum. What has been so eye-opening is how much it has helped me. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or defeated, I just log on and read some of the success stories, complete with their before & after photos - or read about others still dealing day to day with their challenges - and before I know it, the time has flown by and so have all the thoughts of going off track or giving up. It has made all the difference in my success so far.

    So welcome - you 've found the right place - join in by inspiring us and being inspired!

    All the best - good luck with your goals,

  • Hi Laura!

    How nice your husband is joining you! I wanted to say welcome and good luck to you!

  • Hi,
    I have known about IP for a few years and finally started a few days ago. My friend lost her weight on the plan and works at clinic who sells IP. She is very happy I finally am making the commitment. But I am also glad to find an online group to chat with and learn from.
    so where do I get one of those cool wieght loss thingies that I see on the bottom of your posts? the one that shows your start, weight lost, and goal?

    PS, chose the beautiful beach as my avitar as our most favorite place to vacation is in the Florida Keys and one day soon I will be able to put on a normal sized bathing suit!
  • Hi and welcome to 3FC.

    Good luck with your goals.

  • Brand New starting tomorrow

    Hello..I have just gotten all my "goods" and will be starting the program tomorrow AM....I am excited and really ready to loose 80 lbs!!! Wahoo. Wish me luck! Nice to see everyone doing so well.
  • Leafy Greens
    Does anyone know why the protocol calls for so many leafy greens? There are meals when it is really hard to choke them down. I often resort to iceburg lettuce since it has no flavor and I can just add it to anything.

    I am strictly following the diet and have lost 32 pounds in 6 weeks. I went into ketosis twice (made the mistake of having 1 1.2 cups of green beans one day and paid for it for the next 5 days).

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

  • Welcome Laura!
  • Welcome! Come on and join us in the IP section of the site, there is a lot of good info there
  • Welcome and good luck!

  • Greetings.
    Hi. I'm new to Ideal Protein. My dad and I started on January 3. My dad is 67 and I'm 42.

    I'm nervous. I have failed so many times. So far I've done ok...but it's day 3. Other's success stories are helping me to focus. I hope the first week is the hardest.
  • New beginnings
    I am a newbie as of today. Any so my weight loss journey begins. Layed in bed for about 20 mins thinking about how my life could change starting today. How it would be incredible to feel good when I go on vacation. Comfortable, confident and sexy in my own skin. Not to mention how am I going to get in all those veggies. Got out of bed went to the bathroom, weighed myself-159.6. That is progress already from when I started pretraining my body 6 days ago for the Idea Protein diet. Figured I would start with a glass of water to compensate for my morning coffee addiction. Got my coffee brewing and sorted out my morning pills. Let me just say “wow” lots of pills. Ended up drinking another glass of water to get them all down. Never been one for pill popping so that part will be difficult. I have confidence that I will succeed such a great feeling. I would love to be an example for others. I would love to fit and look good in the styles I like to wear. To put on a bathing suit and not feel like the whale by the pool. My day will come, I will be confident and irresistable sexy to my husband. I had a nighty that I wanted to “rock” for our wedding anniversary in September, that never happaned, I still have the nighty and still want to rock it. On with my day, one pound at a time.
  • Welcome!

    Here's a link to our IP threads. Enjoy!
  • Hello Everyone!
    I just started Ideal Protein this past Tuesday, so I am on day 6. I am down 7 pounds- which is super motivating! It seems like I am having the exact opposite problem from what I generally read- I am stuffed. At lunch I am having a hard time eating my 2 cups of veggies in addition to the packet. It's hard to get my 4 cups of veggies per day!! I messed up once this week and actually had 2 packets and then was so busy through the evening that I went to bed before I realized that I never ate dinner!
    I did try kale chips, but of course am open to any new veggie suggestions!
    Also, soy sauce-I keep getting mixed answers, ok on phase one or no?
  • Hello all.

    I started IP on April 1, 2011. I have lost almost 30 pounds so far and things seem to be going well. I have found some decent recipes for veggies and that is helping as I was having a lot of trouble getting the 4 cups in too. One of my favorites is for cauliflower fried "rice." It uses soy sauce, or tamari sauce, which I prefer. My councelor says it's fine as long as you look for the soy sauce with no added sugar (Kikkoman doesn't have any.)