Howdy From V-Town

  • Hey everyone! I am new to this forum. I am trying to lose around 20 - 30 pounds and have decided I need some encouragment in order to do this. I had a baby last year so I am trying to lose the last of it and it is harder then I thought.

    I work at home while watching my daughter and I type all day. So naturally I am constantly sitting down. It can be a stressful job at times and it makes it hard for me to work out at the gym everyday. But I am hoping for the needed encouragement to work out every day and every week and eat the right foods. Thanks!

  • I used DVDs at home to work out. They are convenient, and many of them have segments that can be done in as little as 10 minutes. They make it so easy to get in my workout every day - all at once or - if necessary - 10 minutes at a time
  • i actually do have a work out DVD. It's jillian michaels. It is just soo hard core that I can't do it everyday. i am going to try to walk on the days that i don't do it. it's just soo hard to have the desire and strength to get up and work out.
  • Hi there &

    The thing about finding the desire to work out, is that it so rarely pops up unexpectedly. Usually, and I can & do assume this for most people who exercise on 3FC, it's become a habit, and it's a forced habit. Now, that's not to say that no one likes their exercising, but in order to do it regularly, it's scheduled in as a normal everyday routine.

    The sooner we make it normal, the sooner it is normal.

    Take a morning walk before eating breakfast, or do an easier workout DVD at 4:00 each day. Something in that mindset. Just keep at it.

    Make sure that you post wherever you're comfortable Best of success!

  • Hi! Congrats on the baby! Do you ever take him/her for walks in the stroller? Walking is awesome. Well, just wanted to welcome you to our 3FC family, you will love it here. This is a great site for support, understanding and motivation!