Ive finally had it! - Kansas girl here.

  • Hello all, name is Amanda. Ive been kind of an outsider, randomly reading the website, and upon finally reaching my breaking point, I have joined the forums, and signed up just hours ago, at Slim4Life locally. I wanted to stop by and say hi, maybe see if anyone else has used slim4life (I know ive read alot of pros and cons) does anyone out there have advice, or give me some facts on S4L? I start my 3 day thing on Wed, and have the first big meeting on Friday. Can anyone give me some heads up as far as what to expect on Friday?

    Glad to be here, and looking forward to meeting you all
  • Good luck and welcome! The first step is sometimes the hardest.
  • Glad you found our online family! Check out the different forums and see where you feel best.

  • Welcome!
  • Hi Amanda and welcome to 3FC! I personally dont know anything about slim4life but I'm sure if you look around the boards you'll find something, and maybe someone else will post who does know something, so stick around. Also be sure to fill us in after you first meeting to let us know how it went. Good luck!

  • I'm not terribly familiar with the plan, but search around the site. I found this: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/show...ight=slim4life

    Connect with the lads & ladies around 3FC. We all help to keep eachother on plan!

    Best of success!
  • Congrats on taking that first step!!