Hey, Tubby Here!

  • Hi!

    I've been "trying" to lose weight for about 10 years now. And, since that time I've gained 20. Ha, ha, life is funny. Hopefully this time I'll be able to pull it off! You guys seem like a great group! Looking forward to it!

  • Welcome -- this is a great site! Everyone here understands our common fight and is sooo supportive.

    Good luck and keep working!
  • welcome! I've been trying to lose weight since I was about 14 (now almost 22) and I've gained about 100lbs or a little more Still trying though, good luck to you, this is a great forum! Lots of helpful people
  • . . . you've found a great place for ongoing support and motivation . . .
  • Welcome to 3FC!
  • You can do it! Admitting to yourself that your weight is truly an "issue" is the first step.
  • to 3fc I have found it a great place for support and information, I hope you do too.