Hello, Nice to meet you all

  • Hi, my name is Otto and I am glad to become a member of the site. I have lost 130lbs so far on my journey, but I have been progressing very slowly as of late. I am trying to regain the drive and intensity that I had when I first began. Honestly I have never been a member of a weight loss community before and I'm not sure what to expect, but I thought talking to others who are also on the journey would be helpful. Before the end of the year I would like to weigh 170lbs and be in Michigan at Navy Basic Training.

    I have been running since Winter 07, but I have developed Runner's Knee in both knees so I will not be working out for at least a month. If anyone else has overcome a similar problem what did you do? I currently don't have the money to see a doctor, but I want to as soon as I can.
  • Heya Otto...

    I am a big Guy also, larger than you started at even, I have no experience with the knee thing sorry.... I am doing the weight watcher flex program on my own and It seems to be working well for me. I hope someone with some knee related insight can help you out, in the mean time hang in there! ...you already lost a lot of weight that is very cool!...

  • Hang in there! It sounds like you have hit a plateau. Your body will start to respond to healthy diet if you can just persevere. Maybe you could experiment with eating some different healthy foods and maybe that will help get things going again. What diet plan are you using? Maybe if you look around on this forum, there is a place to post questions about exercise problems. I haven't checked that out yet because I am just starting with exercise. I just ride a recumbent bike at home and sometimes use a work-out DVD. I am on the Weight Watchers core plan and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. If you want to try eating all natural, whole foods and get away from the overly processed stuff, give it a try.
  • Otto, welcome to 3FC. There are quite a few guys on here that have seen great success with the weight loss.

    On the Exercise forum, there's a great chat thread called Cool Runners, with some experienced runners on there that may be able to give advice on the knee. I think there are also some stickies at the top of the Exercise forum regarding knee issues, that might help. When I messed up my knee, though I don't know if it was "runner's knee", it was some kind of connective tissue problem, I just had to lay off the exercise for a week, then I was able to ease back into some slow jogging on a soft surface, and I am able to do elliptical and weight training, without pissing it off. Skating was an issue, but after 4 weeks off that, the knee feels good, so I might try the old skates tonight and see if I'm back to normal yet. Anyway, injuries are a bummer, but the good news is, diet is what the weight loss is all about, so you'll still be losing the fat, even if you're not able to work out like normal!

    Congrats on your amazing weight loss so far! Hope to see you around the boards.
  • Well I believe it started off when I started working a new job because I started to cheat on my eating. Now I'm trying to get myself back into shape as far as my eating is concerned. I'm using the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle eating plan. 6 meals a day, each consisting of a lean protein, complex carbohydrate and starchy carbohydrate.
  • Hey Otto! You can find all kinds of useful information and tips around here but there is also a huge support system for the not so great times and also something to keep you on track.

    You've already lost a huge amount of weight so well done on that! From what I've seen many people lose so much and then begin to slow down and it's just your body adjusting to all of that weight that's missing now. Don't let it de-motivate you though -there are ways around it and you've already done an incredible job. Hang in there!
  • whatever you do don't move off of exercise for long. It's easy to "wait another day" and then you are out of the habit. If you have access to a swimming pool that would be a great place to keep going. Bicycles too.
  • Hi Otto,

    Congrats on the amazing weight loss so far! (Maybe it will be YOU giving advice to US. LOL ) Welcome to 3FC and I hope you will have fun here.
  • Thank you guys, your very welcoming and encouraging.

    I do want to get back to exercising, but I can't even stand for 30mins without getting a pain just below my right kneecap. I have read that the best treatment for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is to rest and do leg and hip strengthening exercises. I don't want to seem like I'm blowing off good advice, but my legs are very muscularly developed and I can't see weak muscles being the cause. I believe that muscle tightness and a combination of running on rural roads and over pronation is the cause... I need to get to a doctor.

    Anyway let me take this over to the Exercise forum. Thank you for the hellos and encouragement!
  • I agree. Get to a doctor. Good luck to you.
  • Hi Otto

    Congrats on your success and for your future success!

    Don't beat yourself up for being off your regime for a bit.....it happens to most of us. Life happens. Just hop back on.

    I was going to say that apparently when you've been doing one type of exercise for a while your body catches on and slows the progress. So i was going to suggest trying something else, but it seems anything would bother your knee right now. Bummer. You mentioned standing hurts.......would your knee also be painful if you tryed rowing? Rowing on a good machine is a great all over workout. Just a thought. Definitely see a sports doc and physiotherapist or an osteopath.

    Just make sure while you can't exercise too much you eat clean. I've done Burn the Fat too.........learned a heck of a lot from it and loved it.

    Chin up...... you'll get there.


  • welcome Otto.
    For me talking to others has been motivating and helpful. It makes me feel stronger and just knowing I have a place to share helps me as well.

    Good luck on your journey and welcome!!!