Another newbie

  • Hi all.
    I came across this place randomly a few weeks ago and have never really gotten a chance to use it.
    Lat week i weighed 220 pounds. but I lost 2,5 pounds this week.
    Usuallly I have the support of my friends and family, but I've tried dieting so many times an each time but the weight back on that I don't want to ask for their help again to let them down again.
    So really lookn for support.
    Anyway nice to meet you all
  • . . . You'll find lots and lots of support and encouragement around here . . . so glad to have you joining us
  • you find awesome support here!
  • Hi! I know we all need all the support we can get.
    Nice to meet you and hope you do well with your weight loss.
  • I started at 210, very close to the same weight

    You can do this !! You are off to a good start