30 to go and stuck!

  • Hi there!
    My name is Ginny. I'm 30 years old and recently lost 60 pounds in an absolute mania of motivation. I look back on the last year or so in wonder ... it's like someone else took control of my body for a while and did this, someone WAY more inspired than I am right now.
    So I've been bad the last month or so, skipping exercise and eating more than I need to. I've lost the drive when I only have 30 pounds left (I think).
    But not the desire so here I am I know I can do this, as long as I have some people to talk to on the way!
    Tomorrow is my "willpower rededication day" and tonight I'm throwing out those things that have crept their way back into my fridge.
    I really like those tickers you guys have I'll prolly drive everyone insane working up 30 posts!
  • You have a really awesome start for a newbie! The day I got my ticker was a proud, proud day! (you have to wait a month, too) Welcome!
  • . . . this is a great place to find lots of motivation and support . . . you can do it, Chickie . . . we are all here for you . . .
  • Welcome Ginny, Congratulation on your lost. You have here support when you need it.
  • Your story is similar to mine. I don't know who the girl that lost my first 80 was, but I sure wish she'd come back! Welcome to 3FC!