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ValMarie 06-13-2008 04:10 PM

New Here!
Hi there!
So, I have been lurking. LOVE what I see. What an awesome support group you guys seem to have here. So I decided to join as I am on a fitness venture in my life for the second time around.

Basically, a few years ago, I (along with phentermine and a butt kicking workout each day) lost 70lbs. Unfortunately, life happens, I went through a really depressing time in my life, and let that come back and now I feel awful about it. BUT I am ready to make changes. I lost ten pounds since the end of March this year, and I went to the doc, and got back on Phentermine. I am making healthy lifestyle changes, becoming more active, and bought myself several little things to make this an easy endeavor.

Basically, I have horrible procrastination problems and I believe I have a pretty bad case of ADD. This messes me up at the gym, as I get very bored, very quickly with anything monotonous. I have to have constant change.

Well, last time I did this, I became obsessed with step. Step allows me to feel like Im flying and dancing and it changes every few seconds, and I do not get bored with it. I went ahead and purchased myself a step (like the ones at the gym) and figured it would pay for itself after a few weeks. I cannot continue to pay the gym as I was, as I have a lovely gym for free in my apt complex and the only reason I would be going is to do classes, which I can do myself at home.

So the step, got it a week ago, have used it a few times, it feels great to have that back in my life. Makes me feel like me.

I also bought a little pair of those fitflops. I dont know how well they work, but I figure anything helps, even if minutely. I ride horses, so anything to strengthen my legs works for me! I tried them today while I was out doing my barn work, and I def. felt it. So that rocks.

And I have drastically cut the number of calories I consume, due to stress with school and of course the phen. The phen also has a dual purpose for me- my lack of concentration is very much quelled by it. Two birds with one stone. :)

So Ill wrap this up, I tend to go on...

Basically. I do not know what my starting weight right now is. I feel mentally I dont want to know and it is just going to discourage me. All I tell the doctor is, "tell me what I have lost" as for right now, this is all I want to know- that I am making progress. I get really obsessed with the number and dont pay attn to the progress, so that is why I am approaching this differently. I know it sounds weird, but it is just something I have to do until I feel a bit better about myself. It probably isnt as bad as I think it is, but I dont wanna find out,. :)

Anyway, looking forward to this, it is a hard road to travel, and this type of stuff wasnt around last time, though it would have been really nice! Look forward to meeting you all! :)

meowee 06-13-2008 06:25 PM

:wel3fc: VALMARIE and good luck on your journey to better health and fitness. :hug:

Horo 06-13-2008 06:36 PM

:welcome: out of lurkdom to 3fc, ValMarie! I'm glad to see that it seems that you have a great, sensible attitude about all of this- the perfect setup for you to be very successful with your weight loss journey. Also, congratulations on the 10 lbs lost. :cheer3:


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