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    My name is Erin, I am 24yrs I live in Oklahoma and I am a stay at home mom and Wedding Officiant. I am not sure how I let my weight get out of control but I am taking steps to fix it. I was a skinny teenager, I got married to my middle school sweetheart at 19yr, I started gaining weight right before I got married and by the time I got pregnant with my daughter at age 22 I was 200lbs. By the time I was going in to labor I was 250lbs, after I had her I got back to 200lbs but slowly stared to gain weight. Now my daughter is 2yrs old and I had been 230lbs for the last 2yrs. I started counting my calories about 2 weeks ago and have lost 13lbs. I am trying to make this my lifestyle and not just a diet, I am sick of being fat and ready for a change. I don't want to be "skinny" just a normal weight. I want to look good naked again lol. Or wear a two piece again, heck I would be happy to not shop in the plus size section anymore or for my legs not to rub together when I wear a dress! Anyways thats my story and I am so happy to find other people going throw the same thing (unlike my husband who is 135lbs and can eat a 64g fat hamburger and loss weight!) Thanks for reading my story!
  • You'll find just about everything you need here including caring, smart, and wise people going through it with you or who have been there done that and can help along the way!!