Hello everyone!

  • I am from California, 22 years old and working on getting my emotions/health/happiness together. When I was around 8 years old I remember it being the very first time I used food in a very unhealthy way. (over stuffed myself as a way to get the same 'pat on the back' as my older cousins had that evening for being 'good' eaters ;p)I had a very um, troublesome home life and so I grabbed any chance I could for attention or rather making others happy and making them proud of me.

    My habits didnt get much better as my diet was to pig out for two weeks and then we'd have no money for rest of the month and would almost starve, my mom has addiction/impulsion issues. I learned to eat things even if I didnt like the taste and to stuff all that I could when I could.

    I think in a way this created what I battle with now, a sense of I NEED TO EAT EVERYTHING!! like an OCD thing. ;p it's gotten better though. Luckily for me when I was 10 we moved to a place that had a pool, and I spent every waking moment in that pool. I was still a little chubby but I kept somewhat active. I also had an interesting growth spurt at 11. Grew 8 inches in 7 months, kind of stretched out the fat..sorta.

    The last time I was a so so healthy weight was 6 years ago, at age 16, i was 180 pounds and 5'10" I thought I was huge because I would try and share clothes or go shopping with friends who were 5'6" and skinny so I had no idea what was 'normal' for me. Then a bunch of other stuff I wont make you guys read through occurred and I ended up where I am now; two inches taller and a lot heavier. Fortunately though I am on my way back down! I made it to 215 early last summer but went back up by september to high 20's and low 30's.

    Anyway, I've been a lurker of sorts checking out this site every-so-often it really has helped a lot!! It wasn't until today though that I decided to sign up! Good luck to everyone and stay positive and healthy!!!!
  • . . . glad you found us.
  • Welcome to 3FC! I completely understand the emotional eating thing. It is really hard to separate it, but I know you will find what works for you. I see you've already jumped in and said hello - please stay around and stay active. It does a lot of good to participate!
  • Aww
    thank you everybody for the warm welcome! :-D I'm hoping to get this healthy lifestyle thing under control this time ;p

    Have a great day everyone!