My Intro, need advice!

  • [SIZE="5"]Hi Everyone. I'm quite stuck in my journey. Looking for tips, but before I tell my problem, let me tell you my journey.

    I started gaining weight right out of the gate in HS... went from cute little cheerleader to the fat girl. So my whole 20s I spent fat. Got married, had 2 kids.... finally after my daughter was born in 05 I decided to actually get to the grind and work my butt off.

    Well in 8 months I went from 278 to 198. And felt great. Weight Watchers, Kickboxing 3 times a week. I was actually on the Rachel Ray show for my weight loss

    Over this past summer I went down to a 165, size 10... perfect for me... but also was having marriage problems, not eating right.

    Come November I started gaining weight back, yes, i did take a break from working out from Nov to January.

    Now it's almost april. I'm back up to 198, have been at the gym 6-7 days a week, taking classes everyday, bootcamp, kickboxing, weight training.. and after 2 months.. NOTHING.

    I figure I'm burning at least 800 calories a day and even if I ate garbage I'd still start losing weight.... (which I have been following weightwatchers again)

    My only answer to this is I stopped smoking...but I would think I would still lose... I sweat like crazy.

    Need guidance... what am I doing wrong!??
  • Hi, If you are the gym 6-7 days a week and eating right but you still havent seen results after a few months, You may want to see your doctor. Sometimes weight loss just plateaus and you have to work ridiculously hard too see that damn scale move, but 4 months is along time and it sounds like your working out like crazy, You may want to have your thyroid checked make sure its doing its job and your blood sugar as well....
  • Hey there, lorjune625, and !

    Interesting story. So you're following Weight Watchers again? How many "points" are you consuming a day?

    As the above poster said, you might want to see a doctor if you're exercising your butt off (quite literally), eating the right foods in the right portions, and still not losing weight. You could have some sort of endocrine disorder (the most common is hypothyroid, but there are several others).
  • Welcome, Lorjune!
    Give us some idea of what you're eating in a typical day. Maybe we can figure out what's going on.
  • my daily menu
    It is usually the same every day.
    Oatmeal or Multi grain bread with 1/2 tsp nautrual ligth peanut butter Before the Gym
    After the gym Egg whites/turkey bacon or a protien shake

    Lunch: Turkey on a wrap with dijonaise
    or Chili from Wendys with a salad or
    spinach salad with lemon juice tsp of evoo

    1 sushi roll or
    or chicken w broccoli or turkey burger

    snacks: almonds or 100 calorie pack or bananna or light popcorn or fudgecicle
    glass of FF milk

    monday: kickboxing 1 hour high impact & 1 Hour weight training Heavy weights
    Tuesday: either boot camp 1 hour or spin
    Wed: spin
    thursday: kickboxing
    friday: boot camp or spin 1 hour - 1 hour weight training
    saturday: kickboxing 1 hour sometimes 1 hour weight trainign
    sunday: spin 1 hour

    I just had my blood work done all came back fine. I also just quit smoking.