College Newbie

  • Hi all!
    I'm a junior at college and I'm sick of the way I've been doing things. I found this site by accident but it looks like a great place to be. I've tried losing weight a few times before and I'm hoping this helps me keep on track. I weigh 196 right now. My goal is to lose just enough weight that I'm comfortable with myself again. I've been doing at home DVD's but I'm planning to start going to the gym on campus. You all seem really supportive and awesome so I just wanted to introduce myself a bit.
  • Welcome to 3FC!

    You might like to check out the 20-Somethings forum, and the Exercise forum, if you're not sure where to start. Hope to see you around the forums!
  • Hi Carana. I'm new here too, this does look like a great site. Good luck on your weight loss!
  • This site IS the best thing since sliced bread! (no pun intended).

    I'm a college junior too, college is so stressful! Aren't you glad you found this place to help keep you on track? I sure am!