A new begining

  • Hello everyone, I've recently returned to the weight watchers program and I'm looking for support. I've tried core but found on one aspect to restrictive and on another much to easy to over eat. I've been on flex now for 3 weeks and have lost 3 pounds...I'm very please with this result.
    I've started exercising again and feel great...yesterday my sweetie and I went biking...OOOOOO what a feeling...
  • welcome back, i love this program. good luck 2 you!

  • Congrats on those 3 pounds, that's an awesome start! There's a WWer section under Diet Central that you might like to check out. And fantastic job on the exercising, that's difficult for a lot of people to start. Make sure to take a look around all of 3FC and to post wherever you're comfortable.

    Best of success!!!